January 6 – 11


Jan 7 and 10- A few months ago I taught myself how to sew.  I’m not super advanced or even that great at it, but I can make cute skirts and dresses for Julia to wear.  I wanted to try to make a peasant shirt with the fabric I bought on the 7th, following this tutorial from Trendy Treehouse.  I knew I didn’t have enough fabric to follow the tutorial perfectly, which was fine because I wanted short sleeves instead of long sleeves anyway.  But with all the cutting and hemming I ran out of room for the elastic at the edge of the sleeves.  I figured I might as well finish the sleeves off and think about adding trim or something to make a casing for the elastic later…but I LOVE the flutter sleeves that ended up being my result!  Julia likes it too, because it’s a nice loose shirt that just flows around her body.  Expect to see lots more of them this spring and summer!